Hide and Go Seek – Second Excerpt


Thanks for sticking with us while things have been quiet. Bill is working hard on the rest of the trilogy and today he would like to share a new excerpt from Hide and Go Seek with his readers. Enjoy!

He holstered the firearm, fastened the snap and stared down at the man now lying dead in the snow as the late afternoon sun hid behind one of the many clouds that had begun to accumulate while the two had been sequestered in the small, smoke filled room. The lifeless eyes stared back, not at him, but through him, as if he was a ghost. The hole in the traitor’s head oozed crimson matter, dirtying the fresh pure blanket Mother Nature had recently deposited. The black uniform of the dead man was in sharp contrast to the white snow, but it was quite fitting, for it was all very black and white. The bare elms littered the landscape like stick figures his only daughter used to draw. The ones for which he would shower her with praise, always noting her unique artistic abilities. She would have made an exceptional and inspiring artist, much like her mother, he thought. But not anymore. Not ever. Not his daughter and not his wife.

He tugged at the hem of his green tunic, inspected it for blood splatter and once satisfied of his appearance, turned away from the body and walked atop the thin layer of snow towards the small building whose chimney emitted an ever dwindling amount of smoke. Once there, he would gather his notes, place them into the worn, black leather briefcase that bore the insignia of the SS, tidy up the blood as best he could, and retrieve the fingers from the rusty pail to take back to the office; especially the one with the silver Kriegsmarine U-boat insignia ring wrapped around it. The body he would leave as is for the others in this world that hunted and killed.

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