A Round Table Discussion with W.T. Bevilacqua and Robert ‘Cotton’ LeBlanc (Part I)

W. T. Bevilacqua

W. T. Bevilacqua

It was a memorable week for W.T. Bevilacqua when Simon Says, his epic 580 page novel and the first of a trilogy, arrived from the printer.

During this initial podcast, Bill Bevilacqua, his wife Myken, and Robert “Cotton” Leblanc (author of Confessions of a Pool Hustler) share how random events brought a disparate group of individuals together that created Simon Says’ unique publishing team.

Listen in and enjoy the conversation between these two authors from very different backgrounds as they explore each other’s works, one fiction, the other autobiographical.

To explore Robert “Cotton” LeBlanc’s life as pool hustler, visit www.confessionsofapoolhustler.com.

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