A Round Table Discussion with W.T. Bevilacqua and Robert ‘Cotton’ LeBlanc (Part II)

W. T. Bevilacqua

W. T. Bevilacqua

During Part I of our interview with author Bill Bevilacqua, his wife Myken, and author Robert “Cotton” Leblanc,  we learned how random events brought a disparate group of individuals together that created Simon Says’ unique publishing team.

In Part II we discover how small the world really is when Bill and Robert learn they both have a  connection with Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise.  A quote by Zuiker is on the back cover of Simon Says’ book jacket.

So what does a self-published author have to do to promote his book, what at the pitfalls, and are there less than reputable people lurking out there to take advantage of the growing universe of self-publishers?  It seems that a class action law suit was recently filed against one of these companies.

This segment’s eclectic conversation drifts from books to an entertaining story involving Robert and the infamous Chicken Ranch in Parhump, Nevada.  Some stories, will be saved for a future show.

Listen in, and you’ll enjoy this entertaining conversation with two very different Las Vegas authors who bring their unique personal perspectives to our show.

To explore Robert ‘Cotton’ LeBlanc’s life  as a pool hustler, visit www.confessionsofapoolhustler.com.

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