Here are some of our favorite reader reactions…

“W.T. Bevilacqua makes his literary debut with Simon Says, a masterful and impressive story that is epic, yet very detailed. Its compelling, interwoven plot and cast of characters is sure to delight those who appreciate great suspense trillers told by truly great storytellers.” -Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise

“Reading it every night! And loving it! Love the short chapters and character development. Not the most relaxing thing to read before going to bed but definitely a page turner!” -A.S.

“Finished reading Simon Says. Amazing book, I was captivated the entire time! Cannot wait for the next one to be published!” -G.C.

“Magnificent novel portraying the atrocities during the war. The author captured this with so much feeling that it allows the reader to actually feel what went on during this period. It is also a beautiful love story that transcends time. It is a must read for all to be thankful for the time and place in which we live. Kudos for Mr. Bevilacqua for having the insight and courage to share his feelings and thoughts with today’s populace.” -J.W.

“Finished reading Simon Says in just 4 short days! Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole read! Can’t wait for #2.” -K.G.

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