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A Gripping Supernatural Suspense Thriller
First Time Author W. T. Bevilacqua Makes Literary Debut

What are the odds?

Those of us who live here, who make Las Vegas our home, understand a few things about how this place works.   For instance it’s no secret to us that those magnificent hotel-casinos lining the Las Vegas Strip are huge trophies, visible testaments to those who know the difference between probability and possibility.

But even the most hardened Las Vegas cynic will stop reading the sports page to watch a story on the eleven o’clock news about a visitor who hit the same number on a roulette table ten times in a row or who dropped a buck in the Super Duper Colossal Progressive Jackpot Machine and won a cool 35 million dollars.

We all love stories about those who beat the odds.

Throughout life we’re occasionally tempted to gamble with our future, take a different path, take a chance, follow a feeling, a hunch, be creative and create something special where nothing had existed, knowing full well that the odds of success are stacked against us.

For some, it starts with little random thoughts, fragments of ideas that initially seem so strange and odd that we dismiss them outright and then wonder to ourselves, “Where the heck did that come from?”

But once in a blue moon, a person with innate, latent, natural talent experiences one of these events, and well….magic happens.

In 1990 a British woman, Joanne “Jo” Rowling, commuting by train between London and Manchester, experienced one of these little thoughts.  Unable to dismiss it, it took root, driving her to put pen to paper and create the bestselling book series in history, “Harry Potter”.

Now another unknown but immensely talented writer, W.T. Bevilacqua, is ready to make his debut onto the literary stage.

In 1995, Bevilacqua, a Las Vegas resident, Vice President of a major construction company, and part of a prominent extended Italian American family, experienced his own ‘out of the blue’ thought.  Instantly, like flipping a light switch, it produced a fantastic story, complete with a beginning, middle and end.  Without hesitation, and absent any previous experience, he began to write, disciplining himself to focus on creating a manuscript, wherever and whenever his busy life permitted.

Seventeen years, and 188,000 words later “Simon Says”, a new riveting supernatural suspense thriller, and the first of a three part series published by Shift 8 Productions, will be released in hard cover and eBook by Labor Day, 2012. It begins as a compelling and gripping adult suspense thriller, and as ‘life and death’ events unfold in a pre WWII German farm house, a young attractive teen, Simon, the product of an unwed mother, begins to demonstrate incredible and mysterious powers.

Nothing about this book or its author should be taken for granted.  In the first few pages, as if requiring the reader to pay his or her dues before moving to the first chapter, the prologue shocks us to come face-to-face with images that none of us are prepared or willing to accept.  Almost stunned, the only reflex remaining is to turn the page and continue reading.

From that moment “Simon Says” takes on a quality more akin to a beautifully produced and directed film than the written word.  The reader will wish their favorite chair is equipped with a seat belt as the gripping story unfolds and Bevilacqua’s imaginative, rich images and voices envelop them.

There is no need to suspend disbelief.  Bevilacqua, with his rare and exceptional voice and style, makes even the impossible seem plausible.  He quickly pulls the reader in, introducing an amazing cast of characters, and with liberal amounts of shock and awe, a journey begins that works its way from Auschwitz, South America, and the west and east coasts of America.

The book’s many chapters are seamless, and the transitions as smooth as a modern high-speed train arriving and leaving for the next station.

Early on Simon offers a prophesy to three men: A child will be born, but there are those who are committed to insuring it will not live.

This remarkable adventure spans 30 years, and interjected throughout is a mysterious man in an overcoat with piercing blue eyes, accompanied by his beautiful white dog, Vita.

The question that begs to be answered is, has Christ returned to earth?  Is Simon Christ?

Simon Says read the book…and keep a light on at night.

Las Vegas has just produced another odds defying winner.

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