The Future

In my second manuscript titled Hide and Go Seek, finished on 11/11/2012, I immerse the reader into the mid seventies. The location: Argentina during the ‘Dirty Wars’. Content: Priest, Jesuit, Pope. Sound familiar? In light of recent events inside Vatican City, I again read the first 100 pages of my third manuscript that now takes the story into current day.

I wonder what compels me. Soon this third manuscript will move into the future, a time yet to be realized. I had originally thought it best to sit on the second manuscript for another year and release the third perhaps three years from now. In due respect to the new Pope and in light of turbulent times throughout the world, I contemplate accelerating the publications.

My wife has often asked where the content of my story originated. I never really had an adequate answer for her. Perhaps it comes from the future… Prepare yourself.

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