My Favorite Author

tomclancy-rsr Since the publication of my first novel, Simon Says, many people have asked me who my favorite author is. The answer is, I have many, and they change as the years pass. However, there is the first one that comes to mind. He’s the one that initially inspired me to write a novel, not just because the two novels he first wrote were such magnificent stories, but because he was not a writer or journalist by trade when they were first published. His name is Tom Clancy and the two books, in order of preference are Red Storm Rising and The Hunt for Red October. Both are fantastic reading; intriguing, fast paced, and believable. As I stated earlier, the inspiration to write Simon Says originated from this author not just because the novels were so good, but because he succeeded while not being a trained writer. The man was, and is, a great story teller, the true basis for a good novel.

– W.T. Bevilacqua

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